Most expected extract questions for SSLC

Most expected extract questions for SSLC. Important extract question and answer for class 10. 10th class important notes.

In this video we are going to discuss 10th standard extract questions and answers. A Hero lesson extract questions. There’s a Girl by the Tracks lesson extract questions. The Discovery lesson extract questions. Ballad of the Tempest poem extract questions.

Most expected extract questions for SSLC

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10th standard extract questions and answers

1. “He wished that the tiger had not spared the boy”

a. Who wished so?

Ans: Swami.

b. Why did he wish so?

Ans: Because Swami’s father had asked him to sleep alone to prove his courage.

c. What does the underlined words mean?

Ans: The tiger had killed the boy.

2. “Oh, I couldn’t thank him,” Baleshwar thought.

a. Who could not be thanked?

Ans: The tempo truck driver.

b. Why was Baleshwar unable to thank him?

Ans: The tempo truck driver helped Baleshwar shift Roma to the hospital and quietly went away.

c. What does it reveal about the truck driver?

Ans: He did not expect anything in return for his help.

3. “The Santa Maria will be lighter for his carcass”

a. What does the word ‘carcass’ mean in the content?

Ans: Dead body

b. Why did the speaker say these words?

Ans: Guillermo demanded that the ship should be sailed back to spain as the seamen were desperate. But Columbus did not agree.

c. What do these words reveal about the person who said this?

Ans: Guillermo and some seamen were upset with Columbus. Guillermo wished Columbus was dead.

4. “Then we kissed the little maiden And we spoke in better cheer”

a. Who was the little maiden?

Answer: The little maiden was the captain’s daughter.

b. What did she said?

Answer: She said that God would protect them.

c. Why did they kiss her?

Answer: The little girl brought back hope to the sailors so they kissed her.

5. “Congratulations were showered”.

a. Who was congratulated?

Ans: Swami

b. Why was he congratulated?

Ans: The burglar was caught because of swami.

c. What was the impact on Swami?

Ans: He became a hero among his friends.

Important extract question and answer for class 10

6. I can’t imagine what would have happened if Baleshwar hadn’t been there.

a. Who is the speaker?

Ans: Roma Talreja

b. Who was Baleshwar?

Ans: He was a high school dropout/unemployed youth who saved Roma.

c. What would have happened if Baleshwar hadn’t been there?

Ans: Roma would have bled to death.

7. “Why should one man have the lives of fifty in his hands?”

a. Who are fifty?

Ans: They are the seamen

b. In whose hands are they?

Ans: They are in the hands of their captain Columbus.

c. What made the speaker say so?

Ans: The sailors were impatient because they had been sailing for long without seeing land. They wanted to return home, but Columbus was not ready. So Diego thought why should Columbus spoil the lives of fifty people.

8. “Isn’t God upon the ocean, Just the same as on the land?”

a. Who is the speaker?

Answer: The little maiden.

b. When did the speaker say these words?

Answer: When the captain feared the ship was caught in the storm, he shouted we are lost!’ then the captain’s daughter said these words.

c. What do these words show the attitude of the speaker?

Answer: Faith in God.

9. “Aiyo! Something has bitten me”

a. Who does ‘me’ refer to?

Ans: Burglar/house breaker

b. Why was he bitten?

Ans: Swami mistook him to be devil, to save himself he bit the burglar.

c. What was the result of it?

Ans: The burglar was caught.

10. “Take the girl to Airoli” Suggested the Cop.

a. Who had to be taken to Airoli? By whom?

Ans: Roma Talreja, Baleshwar

b. Did he take the girl to Airoli?

Ans: No

Extract questions and answers for SSLC

c. Why did he not take her there?

Ans: Airoli was far away and a lot of time would be wasted to reach there.

11. “Your duty is to obey me as mine is to obey the Royal Sovereign of Spain who sent me”

a. Who is the speaker here?

Ans: Columbus

b. When did the speaker say these words?

Ans: When Guillermo rebelled against Columbus, Columbus reminded him of his duty to obey his order.

c. What character does this statement reveal about the speaker?

Ans: Columbus as an efficient captain and loyal to his king and queen.

12. “We are lost!” the captain shouted.

a. Who is the captain?

Answer: Columbus.

b. Why did the captain say this?

Answer: The storm was very fierce and the captain feared that the ship would be torn apart any moment.

c. How did his daughter react to the situation?

Answer: Holding her father’s hand she asked if God could protect them on land would he not protect them on sea.

13. “A frightful proposition”

a. For whom was it a frightful proposition?

Ans: Swami.

b. What was frightful?

Ans: Sleeping alone was frightful.

c. Why was it frightful?

Ans: Swami always slept beside his granny. He could not sleep alone.

14. I hope I’m not too late.

a. Who said this?

Ans: Baleshwar Mishra

b. Why did he hope so?

Ans: He saw a girl by the tracks, he hurried to save her life.

c. What did he do?

Ans: He carried her to the roadside and shifted her to the nearby hospital.

15. “What! Does that child stand between me and death?”

a. Who does the ‘child’ refer to?

Ans: Pepe

b. When did the speaker say so? Ans: When Pepe stood between the seamen and Columbus.

Extract questions and answers for class 10

c. What character does the child’s action reveal?

Ans: Pepe was loyal to Columbus.

16. ‘It is a fearful thing in winter’ To be shattered by the blast.”

a. From which poem this extract taken?

Answer: The ballad of tempest.

b. What is to as a ‘fearful thing’?

Answer: To be caught in a fierce storm at sea in winter is the fearful thing.

c. How did it affect the sailors?

Answer: The sailors lay awake saying a silent prayer in the dark.

17. “You must sleep alone hereafter”

a. Who should sleep alone?

Ans: Swami

b. Why should he sleep alone?

Ans: To prove his courage.

c. Who did he usually sleep with?

Ans: He usually slept with his granny.

18. “Please help me take her to a hospital.”

a. Who is the speaker?

Ans: Baleshwar Mishra.

b. Who is the ‘her’?

Ans: Roma Talreja

c. Why did he take her to the hospital?

Ans: She was unconscious due to the fall. So he took her to the hospital.