Kalika Chetarike activity 44 for 8th class

Kalika Chetarike activity 44 for 8th class

Kalika Chetarike activity 44 for 8th class students. 10.3 activity worksheet for 8th standard students. Key answer of 8th class activity.

In this post we are discussing learning out come and rubrics for Kalika chetarike. Activity worksheet and key answer. 8th class learning out come and rubrics for Kalika chetarike. 8th class Kalika Chetarike English.

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8th class Activity 10.3

LEARNING SHEET 61  Activity 10.3:

Choose a determiner to fill the gaps in the given sentences. Try to use different determiners each time.

Type of DeterminerExamples
Articles a, an, thea) _________ hen laid an egg yesterday. Answer: The
b) I reached __________school late. Answer: the
c) She wants to be___________ painter. Answer: a
d) I saw a boy reading ____________book.
Answer: the
Definite Numerical one, two, three, etc. Ordinal numbers’ like ‘first’, ‘second’, “third’, … etc.a) The beggar is blind of ______ eye. Answer: one
b) She has _________ daughters. Answer: two
c) __________ boys are sitting on that bench. Answer: Three
d) The man in the ________ room is our warden. Answer: second
Indefinite Numeral some, any, no; all, both; much, many; few, less, several, littlea) There is _________ post office in this colony. Answer: no
b) There is still ________ milk in the bowl. Answer: some
c) There isn’t ____________ sugar in the pot. Answer: much
d) Have you _____________books on western music? Answer: several

Kalika Chetarike activity 44 for 8th class

  Possessives my, our, your, his, her, its, their, one’s a) His bag contains ________ objects. Answer: his
b) One must do __________ duty. Answer: their
c) ________books lie scattered in the room. Answer: your
d) _________mother is a teacher. Answer: my
Demonstratives this, that, these, thosea) _________ car is very beautiful. Answer: This
b) Aditi lives in ___________ house. Answer: that
c) _________ books are yours.
Answer: These
d) ____________products are not in good quality. Answer: Those
Distributive Numeral each, every, either, neithera) India expects ____________ man to do his best. Answer: each
b) ___________ person must take his turn. Answer: every
c) ___________ party was willing to quit. Answer: Neither
d) I have two pens. You may have ____________.
Answer: either

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