A Hero lesson one marks questions and answers

A Hero lesson one marks questions and answers for class 10. SSLC English notes, SSLC English question and answer.

In this post we are going to explain multiple choice questions from A Hero. A Hero lesson 1 marks questions. A Hero lesson quiz. SSLC first chapter A Hero lesson questions and answers in multiple choice.

A Hero lesson one marks questions and answers

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Multiple choice questions from A Hero

Prose -1 A Hero notes for class 10

I. Multiple choice questions

1) Swami’s father was a ________________

a) teacher       b) doctor        

c) lawyer         d) police

2) The interesting news that Swami’s father drew his attention was ______

a) five burglars were arrested                                               b) a girl met with an accident

c) the bravery of a village lad fought with a tiger               d) a burglar was caught by a little boy

3) The report said that the boy who fought with a tiger stayed on the tree for half –a –day. He did so because________

a) He wanted to watch the tiger from the top of a tree.     b) He was coward

c) He wanted someone to kill the tiger.                               d) he wanted to take rest for some time.

4) The important thing according to Swami’s father was __________

a) Courage     b) strength     

c) age             d) all of them

5) A frightful proposition according to Swami was _______________

a) sleeping beside granny                              b) fighting with a tiger

c) sleeping in the office room alone             d) challenging his father

6) Swami always slept beside___________

a) his mother              b) his granny             

c) his brother              d) his grandfather

7) “From a challenge it had become a command”. What does command refer to here? ——————

a) killing the tiger                                          b) sleeping in the office room alone one night 

c) prove the newspaper report wrong          d) catching the burglar

8) The disgraceful thing according to Swami’s father was_________________.

a) sleeping beside his granny like a baby                 b) arguing with his father 

c) being coward                                                         d) sleeping alone in the office room

9) Swami’s grandmother’s practice before she went to bed was _____________.

a) telling stories to Swami                                        b) singing songs for Swami to sleep c)eating fruits singing lullaby to Swami                  d) writing her diary

A Hero lesson question and answer

10) When Swami’s father pulled away Swami’s blanket, he looked like____________.

 a) an apparition        b) a brave man          

c) burglar                    d) a head master

11) Swami said that there were scorpions behind the law books. He said so because—————–

a) He saw the scorpions behind the books before                           b) the room was dusty

c) he wanted to escape from his father’s command                       d) he was afraid of scorpions

12) Swami was supported most by his _______________________

a) father                      b) granny       

c) head master           d) mother

13) Swami thought the safe, compact and the reassuring place in the office room was______

a) under the bench                 b) on the ground       

c) on the cot                           d) on the table

14) Swami saw a moving creature in the room. It was ___

a) his shadow             b) a scorpion             

c) a man                     d) a devil

15) Swami used his ____________________as a mortal weapon. 

a) hands          b) legs           

c) teeth            d) stick

16) Congratulations were showered on Swami because___________________.

a) he had caught a notorious burglar                                   b) he slept in the office room alone

c) he found out that courage was important                       d) he fought with a tiger

17) Swami was appreciated as a true scout by his _______________

a) class teacher           b) friends       

c) father                      d) head master

18) Swami did not want to be a ___________

a) bus conductor        b) engine driver         

c) police                      d) railway guard

19) Swami became a hero when he caught the __________________

a) snake          b) ghost          

c) tiger            d) burglar

20) Swami’s father wanted him to sleep alone in the office room to_______

a) be brave                              b) test him if he was courageous 

c) he disliked him                  d) develop good habit